I have been fascinated with art and photography for over 15 years. With a BFA in Sculpture and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art, I have a broad and unique arts perspective that influences all of my life and photography style. You can see my sculptural work here.

The mountains and the desert have a strong grip on my life. I grew up in Texas but made my way out west as fast as I could, and have now spent the last 7 years living in Oregon and California. I am currently based in the Eastern Sierras where I am always exploring through rock climbing, backpacking, and trail running. I also do seasons of life on the road in my tiny Scion (aptly named the Tardis because... well, "it's bigger on the inside.") There's very little in life that I like more than cooking a yummy (plant-based) meal on the road!

In my life, connection is the value that always rises to the top. I love art-making, teaching, photographing, and outdoor adventuring, yet the common thread is that each of these are different facets of building connection to places and people. That is one reason why I love helping couples create an epic day that truly captures the love they share. Please reach out and connect with me! I am more than happy to answer all your questions before we make an official booking.