We feel awkward in front of the camera. We're worried we won't look as good as all those people in your portfolio.

I totally get that! Trust me, you are in the majority here. Most people (myself included!) feel less than natural with a camera capturing every movement. Most couples express something along these lines beforehand, and then gush afterwards about how easy it was, and how they can't believe how natural they look in all the photos. (Seriously, read some of my reviews!)

How do we receive our photos? Do we get digital images or do we order prints from you?

I will upload all of your digital files to a beautiful online gallery where you can share with friends, choose your favorites, download web-sized or high-res images for printing. The gallery is linked to a reputable print shop with VERY high quality prints and albums for sale. You are under no obligation to order prints, but I always offer a coupon for my clients to order in the first 2 weeks of the gallery going live! Clients can also design their own albums or I can design for you. You'll get lots of detailed instructions when I deliver your gallery.

How MANY photos will we get?

The number depends on the length and type of session. A 1-hour portrait session will usually result in 30-50 images. A wedding or an elopement can range from 200 to over a 1,000. It depends on the package you choose and hours of coverage, the number of locations, and other factors.

What kind of gear do you use? And do you have back ups in case of technology failure?

I shoot on a Sony Mirrorless camera system which is currently one of the top industry choices. I have a Sony A7iii and a bunch of lenses. Yes, I always bring a back up camera, save images to multiple SD cards, and back everything up to 2 locations the moment I get home. Your images are always safe!